Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fran, July 26

Yesterday, Fran reached a real milestone.  Karen Salant was visiting from Oregon.  They announced that they were going to lunch at the Del Mar Plaza, sans wheelchair.  Karen helped Fran into the car, put Fran's cane in the trunk, and they set out.  They returned about 2 hours later.  According to Karen, they parked in the garage.  Fran walked from the garage to the sidewalk, and then up the ramp to The Breeze, where they had a leisurely lunch with a nice glass of Chardonnay.  Then they returned to the car on the same path and drove home. Fran was a bit tired and took a nice nap, but was extremely pleased with her demonstration of independence.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fran, July 14

Sorry for the absence of posting.  Progress is very gradual and we are very busy.  My thanks to Anita who called and suggested (emphatically) that it was time.

The process is very positive.  Fran walked about 200 feet in one stretch today with her quad cane and another 50 feet with no cane.  She is even beginning to get some use from her left arm.  I estimate that she will be relatively independent within six months.  In the meantime, my deepest gratitude goes to her friends, particularly (but not only) Alice, Barbara, and Deborah, and her caregivers, Isela, Katerina, and Cindy. Their love and support has made this possible. And most of all, I am grateful to Fran, who will not quit and who absolutely will succeed.