Monday, August 22, 2011

Fran, August 22

Sorry for the inactivity.  Anita Arkin finally goaded me into action.

Fran continues to improve, amazing the therapists who dealt with her in the early days.  I see two significant developments in the past month:

1.  The hospital bed is gone from our house. Fran now sleeps with me in our bed. I cannot tell you how much better the room feels when it does not contain a hospital bed! Perhaps hospitals would be more pleasant if...

2. Fran can walk with no assistance.  We still require that she have a spotter, but the spotter has never had to act.  She does not need the cane or anything else.

In the next few weeks Fran will be caring for grandson Miles while Maliq and Rachel attend a wedding out of town.  Fran, and many of her friends, are delirious about the prospect.


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