Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fran Carder, June 16

This is getting like reporting the progress of the hour hand.  It is not exciting moment to moment. But the movement is there.  Fran can pretty much walk, using a quad cane.  Of course someone has to be there ready to support her, should she lose her balance. But this is a rather dramatic change from the time she started rehab. It looks like she will not even need a brace for her left leg.

She does have some pain in the left leg.  Apparently this is a common problem as the nerves "wake up." Dr. Kocharian is considering a botox injection, which is one way to treat this.

Next Tuesday Fran will have her first sessions as an outpatient at Scripps Encinitas Rehab.  I expect they will be shocked by her progress.  Trish, the physical therapist who brought Fran along while she was treated here in our home, is really good.  She combines professional competence with a personal manner that is powerfully motivating.  Trish is in her early 50's and motivates herself sufficiently to do triathelons. It was great to watch her with Fran.


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