Friday, April 22, 2011

Fran, April 22

Today we solved the mystery of the cat scan.  We could not figure out who ordered it or why.  I asked Dr. Stone and he said he did not know.  He came to me a few minutes later and apologized, saying that he had ordered it.  He had been extremely busy, as he supervises the whole rehab facility. The reason for the scan was that he wanted to use a mild anti coagulant to prevent future strokes, but he had to make sure there was no more bleeding.  In fact there was no bleeding, so he can go forward.

Fran was very tired this morning, but better this afternoon.  There were no more leaps of progress, but no setbacks either.


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  1. Brooks: long time no talk. Anita Arkin told me about Fran's stroke and sent me the blog website. Of course, after the shock comes all the wishes for a prompt and complete recovery. Please extend my best wishes to her. I hope you don't mind if I follow her progress by receiving your blog.
    All my best. Mario Milch