Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fran, Tuesday April 19

Another exhausting but successful day for Fran.  Dr. Stone told her that she had done in one week, what took most patients two weeks.  And she got her first chance at real food, a tuna salad sandwich.  She said it was "mighty good."

Alice brought her  little puppy Sasha and Fran was allowed to go into the front yard of the hospital to meet them.

Fran's dear friend Karen Salant arrived this afternoon for a long visit.

Fran is trying to learn where her "center" is, a concept that we take for granted, since it is built in.  Now she has to learn it all over again.


  1. Hello Fran and Brooks, I continue to be amazed at the care and progress that is going on in your lives. Ned and I know that your relationship is to be counted as a major part of your success!
    Your new blog is just perfect. I hope you don't mind if we send our continued encouragement within your beautiful presentation. We want to see each entry and know just what happens.
    May God continue to shine on you both.
    Lots and lots of love,

  2. Brooks: Thank you for the updates. As you know we all adore Fran and have all been worried and praying, though knowing all along she's going to be fine, because well...she is Fran, after all!. :)

    Much love to you both and know that my heart is quite a cozy place, and that's where you both are.