Tuesday, April 19, 2011

March 25

For those who do not yet know, Fran suffered a stroke on Wednesday.  She went immediately by ambulance to Scripps Memorial Hospital, where she has received world class care.  On Thursday she underwent surgery, via catheter, to remove blockages from her brain.  The surgery, which took 4 1/2 hours, was successful. She is now under heavy sedation in the ICU, where she will remain under constant observation for several more days.  The neurologist is optimistic about her recovery.  The problems are on the right side of the brain and she has weakness on the left side. She is undergoing tests to discover why this happened, so we can prevent a recurrence.

She is under what may be the world's best care.  I will try to keep you updated as we know more.  I am sure this list is not complete, and I will add to it as I collect emails.

Thanks for all of your expressions of care and concern, and offers of help.  There is not much any of us can do right now but hope and pray for her speedy recovery.


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