Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fran, April 23

When it rains it pours. Today they discovered that Fran has a urinary tract infection sponsored by a resistant strain of e-coli.  They (the staff, not the e-coli) moved out her room mate and now requires anyone who enters to wear a yellow smock.  They are not restricting visits, except for people who do not look good in pale yellow.  They are administering an antibiotic that their testing indicates will be effective with this particular bug.

Fran was especially tired yesterday and today, which is likely do to this infection, which should be cleared up soon.

Because of the inconvenience, she ate in her room. She ate more than I have ever seen her eat.  When I asked her about it I found that she is not comfortable in the dining room.  So she can eat in privacy and then go out in her wheelchair on a tour.

Tomorrow is an off day for therapy.


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