Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fran, May 11

The day started out poorly.  We were all tired, and barely able to get Fran up.  When Isela arrived, I escaped for a short bike ride and felt a bit better.  Then Trish the Physical Therapist arrived and things changed dramatically for the better. 

Trish was able to get Fran to demonstrate repeated, voluntary movement of her left leg. Fran is not ready to walk, mind you, but this is wonderful progress. Trish showed us better ways to work with Fran, and completely revised our daily routine.  She wanted Fran up and out of bed more. We selected a comfortable chair in the dining room where Fran can sit.  Fran much prefers this to the wheelchair. Speaking of wheelchairs, Trish even had Fran propelling her wheelchair around the house, paddling with her right foot.

Yesterday Allison brought in a mattress pad for Fran's uncomfortable hospital bed, which was very much appreciated.  It certainly enabled Fran to sleep better.


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