Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fran, May 21

Franma is now really a Grandma.  Miles Warfield was delivered via C-section this afternoon, at about 9 3/4 pounds. Maliq is already thinking about the best way to assist Miles in getting to the NBA.  Congratulations Maliq and Rachel.  Rachel did most of the work of course, including over 24 hours of labor at the end.

Fran is proud and happy to be a grandma, and is continuing to improve. She did some "walking" yesterday with the physical therapist.  This consisted of moving along a counter, and represents an important step.

Jerry and Alice Rost brought us dinner last night, baby-back ribs.  Alice again did a great job.  They also made martinis, which was part of the reason I did not post last night.

Both Susan Taylor and Gloria Khoury sent me emails about an exciting new device, developed at MIT (by nerds, I expect, my kinfolk). It is called myomo (my own motion) that uses movement and biofeedback to help people learn to control paralyzed arms.  We will be discussing this with Dr. Kocharian when we see her on Tuesday.

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