Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fran, May 17th

Big day today, our first outing.  We went to see Dr. Peter Sacks, Fran's primary care doc, whom we have not seen since the stroke.  We resolved most of the prescription problems we had. She was taking a blood pressure med (beta blocker) at too high a dose and it was dangerous.  I had cut the dose and he agreed that is what we should do.  He also agreed that there was no reason for her to take Lipitor.  Finally, he liked our choice of Dr. Kocharian as Fran's neurologist, and I subsequently made an appointment with her for next week.  Those of you who met her will know why we chose her.

I was concerned about getting Fran in and out of the car, but Isela did a great job and we had no difficulty.

In the afternoon several of Fran's artist friends arrived at our house for a visit.  Having arranged it earlier, Bronle and Theresa brought dinner. I know what a good cook Theresa is, because we did a dinner party together.  Bronle is in the same league, as it turns out. The meal was very elegant and very good. We started with a roasted red pepper soup, which was followed by a vegetable tart, a bit like a quiche. The crust contained more butter than the dairy case at Von's.  We finished with a berry tart.  Each dish was superb, as was the 2009 Callaway Voignier they matched with the meal.

We are so lucky to have the wonderful friends we have.


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