Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fran, May 15

Not much in the way of news. K. J. Choi won The Players and we enjoyed watching LeBron's butt being kicked by the Chicago Bulls. Fran was pretty sleepy today, but did well at the things she needed to do. Our weekend caregiver did a great job, and made things easy for me. We had lots of visitors on Saturday, but not today. We have a big week next week with two Dr. appointments.  We have not been in the car since I drove her home from the hospital. It is a bit tricky getting her into the car, because of the low roof line.  But thank goodness for Marshall's ramp.

I was making chicken soup today. I checked email at about noon and found an email from our friend Cathy saying she was making chicken soup and would be happy to bring some by. Drat. Cathy is a great cook, but my soup was  great too.



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