Monday, May 23, 2011

Fran, May 23

Today was a really big day.  We loaded into the car and drove to Scripps Encinitas. Grandma Fran met Grandbaby Miles and held him close.  Miles is in the neonatal ICU under observation because of a bug he acquired when Rachel was in labor for over 20 hours after her water broke.  Meanwhile, Miles is handsome and looks very healthy.  But he will have to stay in the unit for 7 days.

This afternoon Trish, the physical therapist, came and had Fran walking along the counter for a few steps.  Fran can swing her left leg forward, but it cannot yet bear her weight.  The progress is huge though, and we all cheered (all is me, Isela, Katerina, and I think Barbara was there too.)

Tmorrow we visit Dr. Kocharian, our wonderful neurologist.


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