Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fran, May 28

Developments now are gradual, so I am not posting as often.  Fran continues to develop her walking.  Yesterday one of the therapists suggested locations for some railings, which would enable Fran to get around the house.  The therapist also had me order a quad cane, so we are optimistic about walking soon. (The cane is for Fran, not me.)

Last night Jerry and Alice brought over another great Ina Garten meal, a fusili pasta with tomato, lemon and arugula. Plus Jerry brought his skill at Martini making. It was another lovely evening. Tonight we are reprising the burgers from the party on Wednesday, but with the pickles and cheese slices that were left out last time.  We also have the benefit of experience.

Isela and husband Brent dropped by with their two younger children Kyrie and DD.  The kids said they wanted to move in here, which Fran approved immediately.  They are impossibly cute.  Unfortunately, Isela and Brent insisted on keeping them.


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