Monday, May 9, 2011

Fran, May 9

Check out time at the rehab center is at 11 AM.   We were ready to leave when we heard Dr. Rosenberg speaking loudly.  I went out to the nurse's area and discovered that an important ball had been fumbled. Fran has some ongoing clotting problems and Dr. Rosenberg had suggested a filter.  In the meantime Fran had been getting anti-coagulant injection every day.  I did not know this and there was no provision to continue it in our discharge instruction. Fortunately, Dr. Rosenberg noticed this.

Apparently, Dr. Stone, who had been in charge of Fran, had left rather abruptly, for what reason I do not know.  But that is where the ball seems to have hit the turf.  So they brought in a pulmonologist, Dr. Savage, to figure out what to do.  (Plumonologists are in charge of clotting, except for clotting in hemophiliacs, which is owned by hematologists.) He ordered an ultrasound study to see what was happening currently, and ultimately decided we should continue the injections. 

We left for home at about 3 PM with about 10 prescriptions and a carload of flowers. Isela and Katerina did a great job with Fran at the house, I cooked up some angel hair pasta, we all had some wine, and Fran is very happy to be home.  Needless to say, I am equally happy to have her here.


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  1. A little Angel Hair Pasta and a glass of wine. Sounds like a lovely homecoming.